Jade is a gemstone known for its uniqueness and its abstractness in that the beauty is very much determined by the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless, the jade industry has created guidelines to assist people in reaching conclusions of the qualities in Jade.

Hence, evaluation of the three T's to arrive to a consensus in the quality is inevitable namely the tone, texture and transparency.

"Tone" - Colours which are pure, penetrating and vivid are considered to be of the finest quality. However, some experts prefer Jade which contain natural inclusions more commonly known as 'spots' that accentuate its magnificence.

"Texture" - Ranges from fine, medium to coarse. Fine texture, the most sought after texture, allows for a better polish and has better luster and also smoothing when touched or held upon.

"Transparency" - Ranges from semi transparent to completely opaque. The widely conceived pinnacle of this category is of the former which allows light to penetrate the Jade surface and protrudes its alluring brilliance by appearing to be glowing. However, some valued opaque more for they regard transparent being less traditionalistic.






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